Become a corporate member of Soceana to create public pledges, drive the volunteer market, and achieve measurable results on your philanthropic efforts.


Become a volunteer and join the team of Soceana members that are jumping at the opportunities to maximize the value and impact of their volunteerism.


Join Soceana as a non-profit in order to advertise your cause and attract valuable volunteers to your charitable events.


Join as a philanthropist to get the best of both sides of the Soceana system. Create pledges that boost volunteer efforts and also donate your time towards your favorite.

Forward-looking corporations seek to be social enterprises! Millennials are increasingly driven by higher-order benefits as employees and consumers. Soceana seeks to address this paradigm shift through an online platform for corporations to interact with their counterparts – Nonprofits, Volunteers and Philanthropists. These interactions create a 'network effect' that magnifies the social good generated.

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