SOCEANA seeks to generate social good by creating a vibrant community of volunteers, nonprofits, philanthropists and corporations.

Sixty five million Americans volunteer every year, whether this be at local hospitals, educating children in underprivileged areas, or providing medical support through NGOs in other continents. Altruism comes naturally to Americans, and we collectively give $250 billion in charitable contributions directly or indirectly. Soceana is an attempt to integrate these two forms of doing good using social media technologies and a novel social currency -- philas. Through Soceana, both volunteers and donors will have access to a simple and easy-to-use interface where they can work together to generate social good. Corporations and nonprofits can leverage this community to multiply the impact of their investments and efforts.

The new social currency - philas - will enable donors to make pledges with conditions for volunteers to meet. Each volunteer will earn philas for the hours contributed. The volunteer can then choose to gift it to a charitable organization, thereby unlocking the funds pledged by the philanthropist. The increased impact through this novel method incents the volunteers to give more time; the gamification and the collective efforts make it fun to do social good. We believe that the ability to direct the funds purposefully would attract more philanthropists to commit more dollars to causes they care about.

Soceana has a patent-pending for the unique methods it has developed to implement this novel system for generating social good. We are currently working with financial institutions to deliver a seamless system that works across corporations and nonprofits.


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